25th March 2017
at the Arsenic Theater, in Lausanne (Switzerland)
in the frame of the Programme Commun festival


Synopsis: The artists are lost in time, and the solution is in the future.

With: François Gremaud, Viviane Pavillon, Martin Schick
Dancers: Alizée Sourbé, Yuri Sory
Extras: Montasir Yousif, Cynthia Brésolin, Benjamin Solano.
Technician: Eloi Gianini
Languages: flemish, french, croatian, finnish, bernese dialect, italian. Subtitled in french and in english.
Duration: 65 minutes
Administration: Michaël Monney
Coproduction: Théâtre Paul Eluard de Choisy-le-Roi, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats Brussel, Blitz festival Rovinj, Théâtre Le Carré-Les Colonnes Bordeaux, Théâtre de Vidy Lausanne, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, Auawirleben festival Berne, Novart festival Bordeaux, Centre Culturel Suisse Paris, APCd Fondation Marly, Snaporazverein, Festival des Arts de Bordeaux, Swiss Dance Days, Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne.

The performance 65 MINUTES has been bought by the Arsenic theater, for the amount of 4800 euros